4×4 posts from Facebook are not as effective as you think

Facebook has announced a new update to its commenting system which will remove some of the “hateful” content that has been floating around the social network.

“If you have a post you feel is abusive, it’s gone,” Facebook said in a blog post.

“We’re removing it from your feed and it won’t appear in the ‘recommended’ posts.”

The change comes in the wake of the US President Donald Trump’s decision to remove protections against hate speech from US law and to ban certain posts on social media that may be offensive or incite violence.

The company says the changes are necessary to combat the rise in hate speech on Facebook and is working to ensure that users can still post content.

“For example, you can now post an image of your cat in a way that’s acceptable on Facebook, but it won´t be shown in the recommended posts,” the company explained.

“In addition, posts that contain profanity, violence, threats of violence, and other content that may violate our Community Standards are now considered more abusive.

This is a step towards improving our platform to make it more safe for everyone to share their thoughts and opinions, and to keep the discussion going.”

Facebook has also rolled out a number of other changes, including the ability to post videos, GIFs, and audio files from Facebook Live.

Facebook also added support for sharing videos and other types of files directly from the site on iOS and Android.

The announcement comes after a backlash from some users over how Facebook handles and displays hate speech.

Facebook has faced a backlash for not doing enough to protect users from offensive content posted by people who have been banned or who have violated other policies on the platform.

Facebook had previously said it had banned more than 100,000 hate speech posts over the past six months, but many users have argued that the platform was unable to remove content from its platform.

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