Australia post is taking down its Facebook page after a post that appeared to show a cat wearing a mask reading “Bite the dust”

Australia post has removed a post from its Facebook feed following an image showing a cat with a mask saying “bite the dust”.

The post has since been taken down.

A post on the post-it-safe site had been taken offline, while a post on Twitter had been deleted.

The post was later updated to say it was “due to a bug in our moderation system”, which meant that users who had already shared the image on Facebook were unable to access it.

A representative for Australia Post said: “A Facebook post has been removed due to a Facebook bug that we are working through.

The account has been suspended for a time and it will not be reinstated.”

The post that led to the removal was originally posted on the afternoon of June 1.

The cat in the photo had a mask that read “BITE THE DUST” with the caption: “This is the moment I realised I was not alone in my cat world.

A cat with this mask, who has a big heart and loves people, is in my house, trying to feed me a treat.”

Users commented on the image that it had “the power to change the world”.

One user commented: “So many cat memes, what’s the one you think is funny?


Another user posted: “Wow, Australia Post is taking it down.

I have to say, it looks like a great bendpost, but its not even worth it, you cant take down a post just because of an image with a cat in it.


The image has since gone viral, with many users responding to the post in praise of the cat and praising the post for highlighting cat-friendly places in the country.

A spokesperson for Australia’s Department of Agriculture and Forestry said: “[Australia Post] has been notified of the post and will take it down immediately.

We take any allegations of inappropriate behaviour very seriously and have been actively engaging with all stakeholders involved.”

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