Haikyuu Poster Contest Gets a $5,000 Makeover

Haikyū Poster Contest gets a $1,000 makeover.

HaikyUU poster contest winner Daisuke Okabe (目別子模張) has submitted his picture for a posthumous poster contest for a haiku by the author of “The Boy and the Goat.”

The contest, called “Haiyuu Poster,” has a $500 cash prize.

Okabe’s picture, which won the title, was made by a Haiku-themed tattoo artist.

The Haiku fan art contest will begin in January and end in February.

The winner will be chosen by a panel of five judges.

The winner will also receive a certificate and a $100 cash prize, and a poster made from that original work will be mailed to the winner.

The Haiku winner will get a $200 prize for the Haiku poster, and the winner of the Haikyuden poster contest will receive a $300 prize.

The Haikyujyu poster contest is a joint collaboration between HaikyU-T.com and Haikyoukan.com.

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