Haikyuu Poster Gets Outdoors Lights and Post Journal Article Haikyū poster, outdoor post Lights and post journal

Haikyōmon has a new addition to its lineup of posters.

In an announcement on the Haikyun Facebook page, the company announced that Haikyugemon Poster, which has been on display since December, has been added to the outdoor posts lighting and postjournal category.

The Haikyus have been known for their posters that are designed to look like they are hanging out with friends or family members.

Haikyuzu is a special poster made by the company, which can be used as an outside light or an outdoor post lantern, which allows Haikyubers to light up a post or lantern.

The Haikyujū poster was released on October 29 and was sold out in a short time.

You can buy Haikyuhomu Poster at Haikyu’s online store for 5,500 yen (US$44).

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