HARRY STYLES: The Postman’s Day Special!

The Postmans day has been marked with many events over the years, including the opening of the post office and the coronavirus pandemic, but this year it has been the occasion for the greatest celebration of all: The postman.

On Saturday (18 May), the postman will be returning to the post box in front of the Post Office, as part of the official postman’s day celebration, the Postmaster General announced on Monday.

Post Office employees will take to the streets to celebrate the postmaster’s return.

The celebration will be held at the Postmasters office in the Royal Exchange, where the Post-Masters will be holding a reception to celebrate.

The Postmasters will also deliver the postcards that are now being distributed to all post offices in the UK and the rest of the world.

This year, the celebrations will be in the form of postcards, which are now circulating through post offices worldwide.

The Postmaster general said the postcard series was designed to provide people with the opportunity to express themselves, and to be a part of an exciting day of celebration.

The postcards will feature a variety of themes, including a variety from the postmans birthday and the Postmans favourite holidays, as well as his favourite songs.

The postmen postcard will also feature the Postmasters favourite post-Christmas gifts.

It is hoped that this year’s celebrations will not only celebrate the return of the old post office, but will also highlight the work of the new Postmasters Office.

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