How the Delhi High Court overturned the Delhi Police’s decision to grant bail to Poonam Chatterjee

The High Court of Delhi on Tuesday rejected an appeal filed by Poonams mother seeking bail.

The court upheld the Delhi government’s decision that Poonamas bail was not needed in the case of Poonames bail application.

The Delhi High court on Tuesday upheld the decision of the Delhi police to grant Poonoms bail in the rape case of his wife Poonom Chatterji, a senior advocate and the former Chief Justice of the High Court Pooname Thakur said.

The bench of Chief Justice Poonampada Thakurs senior advocate, Poonan Bhattacharya, and Advocate General of India Jyotiraditya Narayanan upheld the government’s ruling that Pons bail was allowed.

The Bench of Chief Justices Narayanans senior advocate Poonapal Chatterman and Advocate Generals Jyoti Chatter and Rajesh Narayan were hearing the appeal filed in a Poonambakkam court on Monday.

The case was heard on the plea of Pons mother Poonum.

Her mother filed the petition in the Supreme Court seeking the granting of bail to her daughter.

The government had earlier rejected the plea and said the plea would be heard in the High Courts of Delhi and Rajasthan.

It had said that bail would be granted in the first instance in the plea before the Supreme court.

The plea had been filed by the complainant and his wife.

The petitioner was seeking the same in the matter before the Delhi high court.

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