How to get a picture of the new china poster size

A new poster size has been announced for the Google News app, but you’ll have to scroll down a bit to find out how to get one.

As part of the “New Poster Size” campaign, Google will be sending out two new posters sizes in the coming weeks.

The first, the standard size, is the standard post size for the app.

It will come with a full-size image and can be set to display on any device.

However, if you are a Google News subscriber, you will be able to see your favorite stories in your news feed with the new poster format.

This means that you can post the new posters, if your device supports them, in a similar way as you can now post videos and pictures in Google+ Photos.

The downside is that the standard poster size is not available for Android or iOS.

For the second poster size (standard post size + 1 poster), you’ll need to scroll through your news feeds and choose the new format.

If you select the standard format, you’ll see a “small” version of the poster.

Google will also be sending these posters out to publishers, allowing them to offer up the new size to their users.

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