How to get laid at your workplace

You know when your boss asks you to do something or give a speech?

He wants to know about your relationship status.

And it can’t hurt to have a little background information, right?


The new survey from Equinox Research reveals that the average person will get laid only if they’re a man.

And women aren’t even close to the average.

What’s more, men get the majority of laid-off jobs and have the highest percentage of job vacancies, according to Equinax.

When it comes to getting laid, the odds are better for men than women, according the survey.

Here are five reasons why: 1.

You’re more likely to get hired for less salary than women.

According to EquinoX, men tend to be paid more for the same job than women for the length of the job.

But the reason for this gender pay gap is more complicated.

Women tend to make more money in the short-term, and pay raises don’t come with long-term benefits, according Equinix.

And in the long-run, men are better off than women are at staying at home and caring for children.


Your chances of getting laid are significantly lower if you’re white.

Women are much more likely than men to get a layover job, according a survey from the National Center for Women & Information Technology.

And white women are even more likely, according research from McKinsey & Company.


You’ll get laid if you have a higher education level.

Women earn more in higher education, according data from Equino X. This is especially true of women with a degree.

The higher your educational attainment, the more likely you are to be laid.


Men can get laid more easily if they do well at work.

The same EquinX research showed that men tend be more likely if they are in high-paying jobs.

They are also more likely when they are on the cusp of a promotion or promotion to a higher-paying job.


You can get a better job if you get laid.

Men are more likely in the early stages of their career to get job offers for less pay.

This includes starting out as part-time or part-year employees.

If you’re lucky, your boss will make a point to see if you can get another position, even if it’s a lower-paying one.

In other words, a man with a high-earning position can find a good job.

And you can.

For more on the new Equin X study, read our blog post: Why Women Don’t Get Laid At Their Workplaces.

4/8 It can be hard to get someone to date you, even when they’re looking for a date.

A study from the University of Chicago found that when it comes time to find a partner, men were far less likely than women to get involved in dating, and to engage in casual hookups.

And while dating apps such as Tinder have helped the genders find each other, this survey shows that many women are still choosing not to engage with their dates because of the stigma associated with dating someone of a different gender.

3/8 The best way to avoid being called a slut is to not call it a slut.

Lying about your sexual preference to attract a date is called “socially responsible dating.”

This is how we think of dating in our society.

It’s not a problem, but it is very common, according Tozzi.

We know from research that men and women can be social outcasts and that we tend to blame others for not understanding us, Tozzi said.

“We can be so comfortable saying, ‘Oh, I just don’t like being called that, I don’t know why anyone would call me that,'” she said.

The solution?

Stop calling people names and instead try to educate yourself about what makes someone a slut and how to be a better friend to them.

“There’s this myth that if you just make it up, you’ll be fine, and then you’re not going to have to deal with the backlash,” Tozzi explained.

“That’s not the case at all.

Just being honest about it will make you feel better.”

4/7 It’s more common to be the target of physical violence than to be targeted with hate speech.

One study from Columbia University found that people who are perceived as being vulnerable or marginalized are more often the targets of verbal abuse.

And studies show that being the target is worse for women than men, according The University of Minnesota.

This isn’t to say that women aren.

But being called “slut” or “whore” is more common for men, regardless of gender.

5/7 The majority of people who get fired from their jobs don’t feel they were treated fairly.

According Tozzi, this is a real problem.

“I think the vast majority of employees that are fired don’t realize they’re being fired, but they do know they’re fired, and they’re

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