How to get over Malone girlfriend post Malone

After being accused of cheating on her fiancé, girlfriend Malone now wants to get back at the ex by accusing him of cheating again.

Melissa D’Amico tweeted Tuesday night that she has filed a civil suit against her former partner, claiming he “failed to comply with his duties” when she was pregnant with his child.

“It’s my understanding that he lied to his wife about their affair, and I’m not happy about that,” D’Alessandro, who is now a nurse, said in a series of tweets.

“We are currently working to establish who he lied about.”

D’Amoreo was pregnant in 2011 and the two have been together since 2012.

She said she and Malone “had an emotional affair” after she was hired to work in the office, but the relationship ended when he began dating her.

“She’s not a very strong person, and she never had the strength to stand up for herself,” she said.

D’Amato, who says she was forced to file the suit because Malone had told her she could no longer work as a nurse because of the pregnancy, said she feels the suit is a way to make him pay for what she says was a “shameful and dishonest affair.”

“He’s the one who cheated on me and he’s going to get to do that again,” D’mano said.

“This suit is just about my husband, not about me.”

The suit was filed in Santa Monica Superior Court in Los Angeles.

Malone’s attorney, Michael J. Buehler, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

D’mano, a former firefighter, is the first person to file a civil lawsuit against Malone since he resigned from the U.S. Senate in March after being charged with three felonies and one misdemeanor.

D’Ambroano’s lawsuit seeks unspecified damages and a declaration that Malone violated her privacy and “fraudulently deceived” her into thinking she could have a child with him.


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