How to keep your kids busy while their parents are away

I can hear the chimes ringing in my head as my kids get ready to go to sleep.

We’re not ready to hear the first thud of the TV or the first sound of the car door.

But the first thing I notice is the clock.

We’ve been preparing to go back to work the last two weeks.

The alarm clock is set for 2:30.

There’s a chance it will be a good one.

My kids can’t wait for the TV show or the car.

It’s a time when I know it’s not going to be as busy as it’s going to have to be, but my kids can get used to it.

And when they get home, they can enjoy themselves.

The clock’s setting.

If I’m going to put the kids to bed at a time I want them to be asleep, I’m pretty sure I need to make sure I’m ready to make the best decision for them and my family.

So, I get the kids ready for bed at 2:00 p.m.

I have the TV on.

I open the door and walk them inside to get the bedding.

When I walk out, they are still asleep.

I’ve got my phone out and my son is watching The Bachelor on Netflix.

My daughter is at the kitchen table reading The Little Mermaid.

They can’t be bothered to make a dinner reservation, but they are ready to enjoy themselves and I can see them playing in the yard.

As the children get ready for sleep, I tell them that I want to go get them a little something to eat.

“Can I have a snack?”

I ask.

That’s a good question.

No, you can’t.

You have to make arrangements.

What if my kids don’t want a snack?

If they want a meal, it’s important that I give them something to do and not just tell them to get to bed.

How do I make it easy for them to make it?

Make it a big dinner.

Have a big pot of rice and beans.

Make them some rice and potatoes and some broccoli.

Use some veggies for dipping.

Let them enjoy the meal in peace.

Give them a bowl of brown rice and some rice balls.

Bring the rice and vegetables to the table and let them enjoy.

Now, my children are ready for their meal.

Don’t make them wait for dinner.

Don’t have them come up to me and ask me what I’m up to.

Give them the meal, which will be delicious.

After the meal is ready, my kids will want to do something with it.

So, I make them a pot of brownie mix.

Then I have them eat the brownie batter.

Once they are all done eating, I grab a spoon and start scooping out the brownies.

Take a bite and smile.

This is the perfect way to keep my kids busy.

Momentum starts building and I’m sure my kids are having a great time.

Just don’t tell them they can’t have a big bowl of rice or brownie.

Here’s what you can do to make your children more active in the evening.

Ask them for an activity.

Go on a walk.

Pick up a book.

Do something fun. Be a mom.

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