How to make the best bend post

What you need to know about the best bending post: • The best bend posts are often cheaper than they look • You can get bent post screws for around $50 at hardware stores • You’ll probably have to buy a new bend post each year because they’ll be worn down from repeated bending and the screws won’t hold up over time • You should have a toolbox of tools to buy the right kind of tool to bend your bent posts • When it comes to bending, bend posts will hold up to 100 pounds and they have a maximum of 6 bolts to hold them together • You need a screwdriver to break a post apart and bend it in two directions • You won’t get a great bend without a good understanding of how to bend post parts in the first place • The cheapest bend posts you can buy are cheap, but the best ones are worth the price of admission • You may not need a bend post if you’re not bent • The cheaper the bend post, the more expensive it gets if you need a larger bend • You might not need more than two or three bends if you can get the screws holding the bend posts together well • You shouldn’t bend your posts unless you can afford to buy more than one.

If you need more, you should use more tools to do so.

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