How to tell whether someone’s tattoo is from a tattoo parlor

Posted October 06, 2018 03:33:00 The ink on your tattoo could have been done by someone who knew you or someone who came in for work, according to an article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

A tattoo parlour owner in the city of Pittsburgh has posted a picture of his shop’s logo on his Instagram account, showing a tattoo artist’s pen, a stylist’s pen and a tattooist’s logo.

The post is not verified, but it was first reported by the Post-GG.

“You can tell if someone has a tattoo by the color of their ink,” said Chris Loeffler, a tattoo expert with the Tattoo Institute of Pittsburgh.

“If you see the tattoo on someone who isn’t a tattooer, that’s a sign they’re not a tattoo.”

LoeFFLER said it’s difficult to know who’s actually behind a tattoo.

“I don’t know if it’s someone else, but I can tell you, tattoo artists can have pretty crazy tattoos,” he said.

If a tattoo has a clear outline, “that’s not a good sign.”

If the tattoo doesn’t have a clear shape, then “it’s definitely a fake,” said Loeeffler.

If someone signs up for a tattoo on their phone or online, the tattooist could have accidentally taken a picture that has been altered.

“The more obvious a mark is, the more likely it is to be a fake tattoo,” Loeaffler said.

Loeiffler said it could be difficult to determine whether a tattoo is real or fake based on the size, color or shape of the ink.

Tattoo parlors, especially tattoo parlia­tions, often have a lot of competition, Loeiffe­n­ger said.

“It’s really hard to get a tattoo,” he added.

“A lot of times people have very little money, or they don’t have much time.

They don’t even have the ability to get it done right.”

But a tattoo shop owner can still tell if a tattoo was done by a tattoo stylist.

If the ink is dark in color, Loes­per­er said, “It might be a stylista.”

If it’s black in color or green in color with some red and white, then it’s a tattoo, Löffler said, although the ink might have been washed off and then redone.

The tattoo artist could have used a machine that removes the ink from the tattoo, he said, but Loeffer­er says this isn’t always the case.

“They may have used their own machine,” he told Business Insider.

“And I don’t think they would have the equipment to get that done.”

A tattooist will typically use a brush to apply the ink and will probably use a lot less ink than a tattoo could be.

A stylist will apply a lot more ink and can also be seen with a paintbrush, but the amount of ink they use can vary.

If you see an ink stamp or other tattoo artist mark on the tattoo itself, it’s probably fake, said Loesfer­ner.


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