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A post shared by Little Apple Post (@littleapplepost) on Dec 20, 2018 14:59:12We will be making the app for your tablet.The app is free for iOS and Android and you can check out the first app here: We have an Android version planned.Stay tuned!You can find us on Twitter and Facebook and we will […]

Haikyuu Poster Contest Gets a $5,000 Makeover

Haikyū Poster Contest gets a $1,000 makeover.HaikyUU poster contest winner Daisuke Okabe (目別子模張) has submitted his picture for a posthumous poster contest for a haiku by the author of “The Boy and the Goat.”The contest, called “Haiyuu Poster,” has a $500 cash prize.Okabe’s picture, which won the title, was made by a Haiku-themed tattoo artist.The […]

Why are people scared of strangers? | Stranger Things author says there are more scary things in Canada

Stephen King, the author of the hit Netflix series Stranger Things, has been sharing some scary things about the world he’s lived in.In an interview with The Associated Press, King said that he has experienced some scary moments that make him nervous.King said he’s also had some people call him a pedophile, and even said […]

Why I stopped posting photos of my son’s birthday and I’m still here

Posted by @jasonmccormick on Sunday, December 17, 2017 | 11:36:14Posting photos of the kids birthday is still the biggest challenge in life, and there are always new challenges.But the post facto of the Instagram post template was the worst.It didn’t take much to see that the post was too easy.So I stopped doing it.I also […]

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