Maryland’s lottery post office to open on Monday for $2 million donation

NEW YORK — The Maryland lottery office will be open Monday for the first time in more than 30 years to receive donations for Hurricane Harvey relief.The lottery office, which is owned by the state, has been closed since last Friday.The Maryland Lottery Commission said it was opening the doors to the lottery office to […]

4×4 posts from Facebook are not as effective as you think

Facebook has announced a new update to its commenting system which will remove some of the “hateful” content that has been floating around the social network.“If you have a post you feel is abusive, it’s gone,” Facebook said in a blog post.“We’re removing it from your feed and it won’t appear in the ‘recommended’ posts.”The […]

How much is it worth to you to be Australian and what do you get in return?

You know what they say: it is not what you pay for.The new Australian dollar, however, has opened up the prospect of a new, lucrative and even lucrative foreign currency.For those who have ever looked at a foreign currency and wondered how much you can expect to get for a dollar, it may not be […]

How the Beatles were able to create a new, ‘pop’ look

The Beatles have been working on a new look for the Post Office for a long time.The Beatles famously made use of Post Office-style Posters, which featured their signature “Beatles poster” design.In the 1970s, the PostOffice gave the band an ultimatum: they either change their logo or drop the Post-office brand altogether.However, the band stayed […]

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