Post ‘vicksburger’ post about Vicksburg coronaviruses and viral pandemic is ‘just a joke’

A post on Vicksburgers, the popular sandwich restaurant chain, about a viral pandemics coronaviral post has gone viral.

The post was originally published on Monday, May 13.

The Vicksburgh Post posted a picture of the post on Twitter on Monday afternoon and it was retweeted by the company’s Twitter account.

The image was taken from the VicksBURGER Twitter account and has since been retweeted and liked more than 12,000 times.

“Vicksburg Post is just a joke,” the post read.

“We will have a burger for everyone.

It will be in a bowl.

The world is a big place, and this is a small bowl.

That is why we have a bowl.””

A bowl that will be full of lettuce, tomato, pickles, cheese and bacon,” it continued.

The viral post included a screenshot of a post from the popular VicksBurger restaurant chain that was shared on social media and shared widely.

It said: “Happy birthday to Vicks Burger and its team, they are so proud of their burgers.

The post was created to celebrate the birth of a new viral pande.


Vicksburg posted on Facebook that they had not received any information about the post or the post’s author.

A post on the Vickersburger Facebook page said that the post had been deleted from the website and that it was being taken down from social media.

“We do not have any information on the source of the content, and we do not condone any hateful, racist or inflammatory content,” the Vickerburger post read, according to the Facebook page.

The company also posted a video on YouTube that showed employees walking through the restaurant, which was packed with customers.

“I can’t wait to see everyone again,” one man said as a man came by to pick up the order.

“You know I’m just glad it’s gone,” another woman said.

A spokesperson for Vicksbury Post told ABC News that they did not immediately know how many shares the post garnered.

VicksBURG posted a statement on Facebook saying they were “extremely disappointed” by the post and that they would be looking into the matter.

“Unfortunately we were not able to provide the correct information to the Vickburger Post, and in light of this, we have removed the post,” the statement read.

“To our VickersBURGER customers and everyone else who might be looking for a Vicks Burgers treat, we will be bringing in a new burger.”

The Vickersburg Post said it was happy to see the post have “evolved into something so great and appreciated by our loyal customer base.”

“VickersBURG Post was not aware of the viral post or its author until we were informed of it on Twitter and we are deeply sorry for any confusion this caused,” the company said.

The National Center for Home Safety and Quality of Life, a Virginia-based nonprofit, said that its website had not seen any posts similar to the one posted by VickersBurger.

“In a public post, it would be extremely difficult to verify the information on that post,” NCHQ-SOS spokesperson Laura Oates said.


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