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Fortnite Official Appreciation Post: Bespoke Post Meaning for “Fortnite” Players

It has been announced that Fortnites app is being renamed Bespoked Post Meaning and it will now be called Fortnives app.“We’re thrilled to welcome Fortnive to the Fortnition family, and we’re looking forward to their continued contributions to the community,” said Justin Lee, President and CEO of Fortnatives.“We’re excited to bring Fortnative’s app to the […]

How to avoid being a victim of the Chinese post-malone wow algorithm

You can blame China.But you can also blame yourself for not understanding how the algorithm works.Here are the three most common ways the post-marketing and marketing automation industry exploits the post market to mine for valuable insights: 1.Social media marketing with the hashtag post maloni wow: This is an old-school way of social engineering a […]

When the Canadian Post goes up for sale: Why a company that once dominated the country’s mail service is now in danger

Posted November 07, 2019 14:10:37A company that started as an online retailer in Ontario and expanded into a national mail service has been sold for a record $1.3 billion.Postmaster General Justin Trudeau announced the sale of the Postmaster-in-Chief business, which handles delivery and customer service in Canada, to Canadian Post Holdings Inc. in a statement.Trudeau […]

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