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The world’s top 10 cities for shopping and dining: November 2017

More than 2,000 restaurants, cafes, boutiques and other businesses, with nearly 6,000 locations, opened in Connecticut in November, according to the state Department of Commerce and Consumer Protection.That’s up from 1,823 in October.The numbers come on the heels of record-setting November sales, including record-breaking November spending by restaurants, shops and retailers.For instance, total spending by […]

Want Poster? You can now use a ‘free’ meme template on the internet, thanks to a recent ruling from the Connecticut Post Mall.The Connecticut Post mall’s legal department, the Connecticut Attorney General’s Office, published a ruling in a petition filed with the Connecticut Supreme Court on February 12.The petition was filed by the Connecticut Public Interest Research Group and its petitioner, the American Civil Liberties Union of Connecticut. The ACLU’s petition argues that the Connecticut State Constitution protects the rights of people to express themselves freely and without harassment, and that the court should consider whether Connecticut’s constitution allows people to post and share a meme on the public internet.According to the petition, the ACLU’s case hinges on the Connecticut constitution’s guarantee of free speech and privacy. The Connecticut Constitution’s free speech clause is defined as a right to freedom of expression. It is designed to protect speech from the government and to limit government intrusion into the speech and conduct of citizens.According the petitioners’ petition, Connecticut’s free expression clause provides:1. That a person may speak his or her mind freely and openly without fear of government intrusion and without being subject to prosecution, detention or harassment for doing so.2. That any person who speaks his or she mind freely, even anonymously, may post his or hers content on the Internet for other persons to view and use.3. That no person shall be subject to arrest or criminal prosecution for expressing his or herself, even if he or she speaks his/her mind freely or in an anonymous manner.The ACLU’s lawsuit argues that Connecticut’s constitutional guarantees are “not absolute and are subject to interpretation by courts.”According to ACLU attorney Scott Fierman, the petitioner was the Connecticut News and Gazette, the state’s official newspaper, which published the

that prompted the ACLU to file the petition.The News and Gleanings is owned by the Hartford Courant newspaper, and the Gazette is owned and operated by the Stamford-based Hartford Courants.The Courants has previously defended the right of journalists to share their news and opinions on the web.Fierman said that when he first saw the petition […]

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