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When Michigan lottery draws thousands of dead people to win jackpot

Posted October 12, 2018 09:00:00When Michigan lottery draw thousands of people to the jackpot, it’s not surprising the number of dead in the state has doubled since last year, and a new analysis of data shows that more people are coming back to the lottery, too.As the lottery’s popularity has increased, so too has the […]

How the Miami Heat will respond to the Cavs, Cavs’ postgame reaction to win, post game

The Miami Heat were eliminated from the playoffs by the Cleveland Cavaliers in six games this season. But while LeBron James and the Cavaliers will undoubtedly be disappointed by their performance in the playoffs, the Heat will look to capitalize on their chance to win the Eastern Conference title. “We’ve had a couple of games where we’ve […]

Detroit lottery winners can now buy lottery tickets for their families

By LISA BERRYDALLANLEAU/HuffPost MICHIGAN – It’s not a matter of if Michigan will be the first state in the country to get rid of lottery tickets.It’s a matter if they’ll be able to buy them.As the Michigan lottery opens its doors Friday, the state’s new lottery commissioner said that starting July 1, lottery winners will […]

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