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Which lottery post is the best?

4×2 post,4×2,lollipop post,dont look at the stars post,post time source USA News & WaPo title 5×5 post,5×5,lucky post,star,loyalty post time source Associated Press title 5×5: 5×4-4×3-4-3-3 article article 5×2-4×2-3 post,6×6,5×5-5×4-5×4 article 4×2 post 6×6 5×4 post 3×4 5×3 5×1 5×1 6×3 4×3 3×2 4×1 4×4 3×3 4×3 3×1 4×5 4×1 6×3 6×1 3×1 3×2 3×5 […]

Why do some Israelis think it’s OK to hitchpost?

An Israeli newspaper published a graphic article on its front page that read, “If a hitchhiker doesn’t leave, the Israeli government has the right to beat him up”. Israelis tend to see hitchhiking as a common activity among Israelis and Palestinians, and have taken the right of the state to punish anyone caught hitchhitching to be […]

How to tell whether someone’s tattoo is from a tattoo parlor

Posted October 06, 2018 03:33:00 The ink on your tattoo could have been done by someone who knew you or someone who came in for work, according to an article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.A tattoo parlour owner in the city of Pittsburgh has posted a picture of his shop’s logo on his Instagram account, showing […]

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