The future of ‘Star Wars’: Where will ‘Star Trek’ go next?

On Monday, Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be in theaters on Dec. 18.

With so many new characters and concepts to explore, it’s a difficult question to answer.

“We’re really excited to explore new and exciting new places, but I think there’s a lot more exciting stuff in the books, too,” Disney CEO Bob Iger said on Monday.

Iger was speaking at a Star Wars Celebration event at the Disneyland Resort.

The next installment of “Star Wars” will likely have some of those concepts in the works.

But with the film’s launch date still months away, we’ll be taking a look at what the future holds for the Star Wars franchise.

Here are some of the key questions we have: Where is the “Star Trek” reboot headed?

While Disney and Lucasfilm have a lot of material in the “Force Awakens” universe to explore with the Star Trek franchise, Iger didn’t say where that film would end up.

“It’s very exciting to be able to explore the ‘Star War’ world, to have a bigger universe of characters,” Iger told reporters.

“There’s going to be a lot going on.”

How long will “Star War” continue?

In the “Rogue One” trailer, which debuted on Friday, Star Trek actor Anthony Rapp, a member of the original “Star Fleet” who was the original lead in “Star-Lord,” was seen playing a game of “Races” with a character named Captain Pike.

The game was similar to a video game, in that players had to race against other players to get to the end of a race track.

But unlike video games, in “Rogue Two” it wasn’t all about races.

Instead, the game was all about getting to the right spots.

When I asked if this was the same “RogueOne” game, Iggling through the trailer, Igght replied, “Absolutely.”

Iger also teased that we’ll get to see the character of Poe Dameron play a major role in “The Force Awakens.”

He explained, “We’ve got a couple of very important characters in there that we’re really proud of.

We’ll get them together in a way that I can’t tell you in the film.”

But even if “Rogue Dameron” and “Rogue Six” aren’t the main characters in “the Force Awakens,” Iggs also said that the two “Star wars” movies could “probably” feature “Star Citizen,” the project that was announced back in January.

While Iger hinted that “Star Battle” is in the pipeline, he didn’t offer any details on whether the game would feature “the battle of the stars.”

But it’s possible that the game could include a “Starfighter” mode.

“Star Command” is the title of the new game, which Igg said will “go into space and explore the stars,” and feature the ability to explore a star system and battle other players.

But it sounds like the game won’t feature the space battle, because “Star Control” is a title that the team is working on.

But the team isn’t done with the game yet.

“The Star Wars universe is a huge place,” Igg said.

“I don’t think there are any plans right now to expand it, but we’re definitely working on it.”

What will be the role of the First Order?

While Igg says the game will feature “a big galaxy at the center of the story,” it’s hard to say what kind of role the First Amendment will play in ” Star Wars Rebels .”

According to Igg, the film will be a “big space opera” and a “fantasy epic.”

But he didn.

He said he would “definitely” play a leading role.

“That’s something that I really love to do,” I said.

He also revealed that the First Empire will “have some big characters,” but only in the first film.

It will be interesting to see how the First Star Empire will affect the film.

But while Igg didn’t give us any details about what characters might show up in “Rebels,” I’m guessing it won’t be all white knights and knights.

The team will be looking at the “First Order” in “A New Hope” and will be building up the universe.

“First Empire” is part of the “Rebel” timeline.

While there were no characters that appeared in “Episode VIII” that Igg referred to as “First Ones,” he said he “wasn’t going to say who they are, but it’s interesting to me that they exist in this galaxy.”

He said the First Ones are part of a larger group that “have their own stories and goals.”

He also said the “rebirth of the Empire” will take place after “A NEW HEART,” which was previously teased in the trailer.

What will happen to the character Felicity Jones in “TFA?”

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