Trump: We’ve been ‘so wrong’ in the election

The Associated Press – By SEAN TALLAHYANWASHINGTON (AP) President Donald Trump says he’ll continue his push to get Congress to fund his signature health care law if Republicans cannot agree on funding the entire bill in its current form.

The president’s comments came as Republicans failed to repeal the Affordable Care Act’s taxes and other requirements and struggled to come up with a replacement that would meet his goal of providing coverage to all Americans by the end of the year.

Trump, who spoke with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Wednesday morning and will meet with House Speaker Paul Ryan later in the day, said the Senate and House should work together to make a comprehensive replacement that he said would provide health insurance to all.

“We’re so wrong.

We have so many people without insurance,” Trump said.

“We have to get it done.

We’ve got to get this done.

If we can’t do it now, we’ll get it right.”

Republican leaders have been unable to find the $1.5 trillion bill they are pushing to the top of the agenda in the House and Senate, which both have a separate deadline of Dec. 15.

The GOP is using a budget reconciliation process that allows lawmakers to pass spending bills with a simple majority of support.

If the Senate fails to pass a bill by then, it is expected to pass it.

The House passed a $1 trillion health care bill last week and the Senate is expected next week to pass its version, which would add a provision to prevent insurers from charging older Americans more for coverage.

The Senate and Senate Majority leaders will meet Wednesday morning to work on the new plan.

Republicans have vowed to use reconciliation to pass legislation this year, but that will not be the case in 2018.

Trump said he would not accept the process and would instead use the House’s process.

“I don’t want to be in the process.

I don’t believe it’s the best.

But we will be able to do this,” Trump told reporters on Air Force One.

Trump is facing the same challenge as Democrats, who have been fighting to get more money for their health care efforts.

Republicans and Democrats are trying to agree on a replacement plan that could provide coverage to millions of people.

But they are also struggling to find money for it.

A Republican bill to fund the government through Dec. 7 failed last week in the Senate, and the House passed its own bill Thursday that was expected to include a provision that would prevent insurers that cover older Americans from charging them more for the same coverage.

The White House has said the Republican plan would be funded by cutting $880 billion in federal spending.

Trump said he had not yet spoken with McConnell about a replacement bill and was waiting for the House bill to be approved by the Senate before making a decision.

The White House also declined to say whether Trump would use the Senate reconciliation process to repeal parts of the Affordable Health Care Act.

McConnell is trying to get his own health care legislation passed by the week’s end, and has said he wants to hold a vote before then.

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