What happens when the internet goes wild over the sexualisation of a child

Posted November 07, 2018 10:13:23What happens when a child’s sexualisation is so extreme, the child has to take it on the chin? 

Well, that’s what happened to one woman. 

On the ABC’s Insiders show today, host Matt Gurney had an audience member, who is an avid gamer, ask a child sexualisation question, to which she responded: “Oh, my god, how can you be a gamer?” 

“My child, when they see what they see, they’ll go, ‘Wow, that was really weird’.” In the clip, the person’s child is described as being “a pretty child”. 

“She has no imagination, she doesn’t have imagination,” Gurnek told listeners. 

“And she’s got no imagination for what is really, really wrong in our society.”

Gurney was referring to the fact that the woman’s child has not been given the opportunity to play video games and play with toys. 

She said this “is the reason why she can’t see that her child is going to be a good gamer”.

“And the reason she can see that she’s going to play with the dolls, she’s not going to see that they’re toys,” he said.

“She’s not seeing that they are toys.” 

The woman was a mother of four children, aged four to 12, who was not allowed to play games or play with her children.

“This child has no idea what is wrong in their society,” he continued.

“Her father does not have the right to say, ‘I think this is wrong, I think this might be wrong, let’s not do this’.”

The reason she was told that her daughter is going be a bad gamer is because she’s been told that she can be a game player.

“So, in this particular case, this child is playing with a doll that’s not a toy.”

The dolls are just toys.

They’re not real dolls.

“The woman has spoken about her experience on Insiders, calling it “a really sad day” for her family. 

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