What is the difference between Russian and US hyperpigs?

AUSTRALIA’S top postman has come under fire after posting a photo of his wife holding a Russian post tracking the rise and fall of US President Donald Trump.

Mr Murray said the photo was a “fun photo” and showed his wife, Rosalyn Murray, holding a post from the Russian post agency, RIA Novosti.

“It’s a lovely picture and I’ve got to say, I’m very proud of it,” he said.

“I just thought it would be a fun picture.”

The post, which has since been deleted, had been posted on Thursday morning and captioned: “Russia Post: 1.2 million posts.

It’s growing at the fastest rate in history.”

“1.2 mil posts a day, but only one day.”

Mr Murray’s wife is a Russian national.

Mr Trump has repeatedly accused Moscow of meddling in the US election, including the alleged hacking of Democratic Party emails.

He said during the election campaign that Russia had tried to hack his opponent, Hillary Clinton, by hacking her campaign chairman John Podesta.

“If I win, I want to go after Russia and get their heads off of this stuff, ” Mr Murray told ABC News.

“We have been hacked for two months and the US has a huge problem with this, but it’s not our problem.”

Russia’s ambassador to the US, Sergei Kislyak, has denied any Russian meddling in Mr Murray and called the allegations against him “complete nonsense”.

The post on Russian post, Mr Murray has since deleted, has been retweeted more than 9 million times.

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