What we know about the new J-pop movie ‘M-A-L-O’

“M-Loid” has had a major change in cast members since the movie debuted in November of this year, with the addition of the newly-recruited Yoon Joon Hyun.

On June 10, the film’s official website released a teaser trailer and a picture of YoonJoon and Kim Joon Hyeong as the main characters.

In the teaser trailer, Yoonjoon says “I want to become a singer.

I’m not going to just be a singer anymore, so I want to be a super singer.”

While there are many differences between the teaser and the trailer, the trailer seems to indicate that Yoonjun will be singing the theme song to the movie.

This is a big step forward for the movie, with a major difference between the trailer and the official website: It seems that Yookmin’s name has been removed from the title, which was added in the teaser.

The trailer shows Yoonjoong singing “Kung Fu” with the song “My Love.”

The official website revealed that the movie will feature the same story as the TV drama “K-Pop Star 2,” which premiered on July 20, 2017.

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