When did I become a Redskins fan?

When I was little, my family and I would watch our local team play on television.

In our household, there was no rivalry.

There was no football.

There were just two opposing teams.

The Redskins were an American football team from 1949 to 1968, with three national championships.

But since that time, the team has been in a perpetual state of flux, with the team moving to Seattle, then to Kansas City, then back to Washington, DC.

In the process, the franchise lost the identity that defined it.

Now, the Redskins are back.

They’re back to being the team that everyone loves to hate, the football team that people don’t understand because they’ve never watched it play.

The team is returning to the national consciousness.

But there is a catch: This time, it won’t be the same team.

There is no reason to believe the team will be the one to win again.

The Redskins were never good enough to win championships.

It was never the Redskins that won championships, but the team itself that lost championships.

That was the problem.

But now that the team is back, the issue is not the teams’ current status.

The issue is the status of the team.

In 2017, Washington won the NFC East title and reached the playoffs.

But that was before the Redskins won the Super Bowl.

Now that the Redskins have won a Super Bowl, they are a perennial playoff contender, and that’s where the focus should be.

Washington has always been a playoff team.

But in the last two seasons, they have won just two of their past nine games.

This is a team that has been at least 10 games above .500 four times.

The problem is that the playoffs are where the team should be playing at.

And, yes, the playoff team in the NFC is the Washington Redskins.

When I was growing up, I watched the team on television with my brothers.

We would watch the games and marvel at how many times the team scored touchdowns.

I didn’t know what to expect.

When the team won a game, we were all just ecstatic.

When they lost a game or the playoffs were lost, we got so worked up.

But it never happened.

After all these years, the Washington team that won five Super Bowls and won the division title was the team with the most losses in the NFL.

In 2014, the New York Giants won the most games in NFL history.

In 2016, the Kansas City Chiefs lost the most wins in the history of the NFL to the New England Patriots.

In the last 10 years, Washington has been among the most consistently disappointing franchises in the league.

They’ve won just 11 games in a row, and won just three of their last eight games.

Washington has lost four of the last five.

But the biggest reason for Washington’s struggles has been the team’s identity.

The team is the same old, same old.

Washington is a franchise built on a foundation of winning and losing, a foundation that has become a toxic brew that has destroyed the franchise.

Washington fans, and in particular the fans of the Washington Nationals, have been stuck on a roller coaster of emotions since the team moved to Seattle.

The Nationals won the National League East in 2017 and won four of their final five games to win the pennant.

And then, the Nationals fell to the Tampa Bay Rays in the American League Championship Series, which was the franchise’s first playoff loss since 1997.

The Washington Post had the Nationals write a scathing column calling the team a “dead franchise” and “a team with no identity.”

The team that had won three Super Bowl titles and won a championship the year before was on a steady downward trajectory, falling to the Astros in 2017, and then the Astros to the Yankees in 2018.

The Nationals had won the World Series in ’09.

They had a World Series title in ’15.

The franchise had won two World Series titles in ’13 and ’14.

They were a World Championship contender in ’10 and ’11.

And the team had won five consecutive titles from 2006 to ’14 with the same starting lineup.

It had won a title in 2013.

The players were so dominant and so successful that it made no sense.

Then the team took a step back and fell off the cliff.

The club was in the middle of a long rebuild.

They made a mistake in the offseason.

The clubhouse was so full of people who had played in the past who were gone.

The staff had a huge change in direction.

The organization was in a mess.

Washington had made some moves in the draft, but nothing was really coming out of the farm system.

And with that, the club lost the loyalty of its fans.

The fans weren’t going to come out to the games anymore.

The city had moved on from the team, and the franchise had gone through its own transformation.

The fan base has grown more and more loyal to the team over the years. But for


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