When is a dog good to eat?

When a dog has a meal, it can be a good thing.

But it can also be a bad thing, experts say.

The study looked at dog behavior that can be called “aggressive.”

“Dog aggression is when a dog is more likely to bite, but also when it bites a much smaller area than when it’s trying to avoid a bite,” said study author David Nolen, a veterinary assistant professor at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.

“In that case, you can actually say, ‘This is a very aggressive dog,’ but it can’t be a dog that’s very dangerous,” Nolen told ABC News.

The dogs were either aggressive, or less aggressive than they were in a previous study.

In one study, the dogs were tested for aggression.

In the other, they weren’t.

When they had a meal with a human, the more aggressive dogs ate, the longer they ate.

In other words, the dog that ate the least with a person was more likely in the next test to eat again.

But when they had to sit on a leash, the less aggressive dogs had a tendency to get more aggressive.

In another study, when a human sat on a dog’s lap, the aggressive dogs didn’t sit down.

But when the dog sat, it was more aggressive than when the person didn’t.

The findings support what other researchers have been saying for some time: Dogs that have to be kept at a distance from humans can be dangerous, Nolen said.

The authors of that previous study didn’t say that dogs should always sit down with humans.

But that study suggested that the more humans there were around, the fewer dog bites would be.

“This suggests that it may be best to have dogs with people rather than dogs that are very aggressive,” Nohl said.

In other words: Be careful when giving a dog food.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded the study.


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