Which Japanese company will be next in line to receive US funding?

The Post is reporting that Toyota is in talks with the US government for a $1.9 billion funding package to boost its robotics capabilities, and that it will receive $1 billion in US government funding for this endeavor. 

The US National Science Foundation announced in March that it would be supporting the Japanese automaker’s $5 billion “Robotics Research and Development” program, with $500 million going to the US research agency, the National Science Education Research Program, and the US military.

The company will also receive $500,000 in research grants from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, which is currently working on the Toyota Prius Hybrid, which was revealed last month. 

This new funding, though, may not be as huge as the $1,500 per Toyota driver, or the $600 per Toyota employee, which would provide the company with a more sustainable path to making robots that can be deployed for domestic purposes, but could also cause the company to lose some of its international growth. 

As a result, Toyota is likely to end up getting a larger investment from the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), or the National Aerotropolis Research Corporation (NAROC), which is working to develop a robot capable of doing some work for the US, but not as much for Japan. 

Toyota has been working with NAROC for several years to develop an automated vehicle to assist in transporting cargo in the event of a natural disaster, and there is no reason that it can’t work with NASA to develop similar capabilities. 

One possible downside of this funding could be that the company could be forced to make some decisions that it is not comfortable with. 

For example, it is unclear whether Toyota is comfortable with allowing its robots to operate outside of the country’s borders, and whether it is comfortable to allow its robots that are capable of operating in Japan to operate in the US. 

It is also not clear whether Toyota will be able to find the funding that it needs to develop these capabilities, or whether it will have to cut costs and focus more on domestic business, but the company has stated previously that it believes that it has a good business plan. 

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