Why did President Trump go on Twitter? 4 answers: What went wrong

Trump on Monday morning accused former FBI Director James Comey of leaking classified information about the Trump campaign to a friend and accused former President Barack Obama of leaking the information to the media.

“James Comey is a leaker, the same guy that leaked my tax returns, the DNC, and so much more,” Trump said.

“Why did he do it?”

Trump tweeted, referring to Comey, who has been a critic of the president.

“Comey leakers?

Where are the leaks coming from?”

Trump also criticized Comey’s decision to re-open an investigation into former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, who resigned earlier this month.

“Flynn leaked classified information to Russian sources, including an unverified dossier that was supposedly written by a former British spy who was a paid agent of the Russians,” Trump tweeted.

“Can’t let this go!”

Trump has previously called Comey a “leaker” and a “stooge of the Clinton machine.”

“James Clapper, the former Director of National Intelligence, told Congress last week that Trump asked him to leak information to Congress, and the former CIA Director also testified that Trump directed him to do so,” Trump wrote.

“When the news media covered the story, he said it was a hoax.”

Comey’s lawyer said in a statement that he had “not seen or heard from the president.”

“Director Comey has never given a statement about his conversation with the president about the FBI’s investigation into Secretary Clinton’s emails, and he has no recollection of it,” his lawyer, Jamie Gorelick, said in the statement.

Trump said Comey had told him he was under investigation, adding that he asked the FBI to drop the investigation, saying that it was “an open investigation, and I wanted to get it over with.”

Comey has been one of Trump’s most vocal critics, questioning his motives, character and ability to lead the FBI.

In a January tweet, Trump wrote that Comey “would do anything to protect the Clintons, including colluding with the Russians to get them to stop the investigation.”

“If Director Comey can’t do his job, who can?”

Trump said, adding: “Maybe it is time for Comey to go.”

The FBI, in a letter to Congress last month, said that Comey’s actions “came at a time when the bureau was considering whether to publicly announce that an investigation had been opened.”

The bureau said that it “did not” share details of the probe with the White House or the president, but that it made “an effort to inform the president” of the investigation.

The investigation into the Trump administration was led by former FBI director Robert Mueller, who is currently leading a separate probe into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election.

Trump has also denied that the FBI was investigating the former president.

On Sunday, Trump appeared to criticize Comey in a tweet, saying he should not have said publicly about the investigation because he was a “nut job.”

“Come on, James Comey, you are a nut job,” Trump told NBC’s Lester Holt, adding, “You leak to the Russians and you leak to a guy like me.”

“You shouldnt have said that,” Holt replied.

Trump did not provide any evidence to back up his claim.


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