Why do some Israelis think it’s OK to hitchpost?

An Israeli newspaper published a graphic article on its front page that read, “If a hitchhiker doesn’t leave, the Israeli government has the right to beat him up”. 

Israelis tend to see hitchhiking as a common activity among Israelis and Palestinians, and have taken the right of the state to punish anyone caught hitchhitching to be viewed as a criminal act.

The Jerusalem Post reported the story in a front page article entitled “Hitchhiking to get a lift?” 

The article described the hitchhikers as “sick and twisted people”, but also described them as “the ones that have a hard time getting a ride”.

The Post reported that many Israelis have seen the graphic article, and that many people are also questioning the way hitchhikers are treated by the state. 

According to the Post, “People who are riding in the same car as you, or in a similar vehicle, have a different legal status than a hitchhopper, and they can be arrested and charged with trespassing or other criminal offenses.”

The Jerusalem Post article was shared on Facebook by several Israelis, including a post entitled “The hitchhiked-in-the-same-car-as-you article is totally wrong”   and another post by a member of the “Tiktik” community, which describes itself as a “hitchhiker-friendly group”.

The Tiktik post included a photo of a group of men in the street, with the caption “We are the ones who do it”.

The Jerusalem Times has reported that some Israelis have taken to social media to express their disgust at the article, while others have asked the Jerusalem Post to retract it.

“Why do Israelis think the hitch-hiker should have the right in this case?” asked one commenter.

“Why are we allowed to beat them up, and call them out?

The way hitch hikers are treated is unacceptable,” wrote another. “

This is just a waste of space,” added another.

“The way hitch hikers are treated is unacceptable,” wrote another.

“They should be punished for doing it.

They should not be allowed to be in the country.”

The Tiklok community told the Post that the post was a response to “political correctness” in the media and the general attitude of Israelis towards hitchhikes.

“There are certain groups who view hitchhipping as a crime and do not take into account that many hitchhikos are sick and twisted, that they have a problem with their body and their body’s health,” said the Tiklak community member.

“The government has no right to take that from them, and should not do so. 

The Tiklat community has been in contact with the Israeli police and police officials to express concerns. 

A Facebook page called “A Day in the Life of the Tiktiki” is calling for a boycott of the Jerusalem post. 

Israeli authorities said they would not comment on individual cases, and said they did not want to offend the Tikkis.”

We will not comment or intervene in individual cases,” a spokesperson for the Jerusalem municipality told the Jerusalem Times. (Reuters)


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