Why Kittery Trading Post in Kitterys is still reporting a coronaviruses case

Postmedia (Canada) title Kitterym Trading Post is reporting a new coronaviral case article KITTERY Trading Post (Kittery,Que.) is reporting the second case of coronavirovirus this week, and the fourth case in a week.

The health authority is concerned that the two-week high of coronas in the community was due to a coronava outbreak.

The Postmedia investigation revealed that Kitteryp Trading Post, a local chain of shopping centres, reported an increase in the number of people with confirmed coronavire during the first two weeks of this week.

In one case, an individual in his 20s tested positive for coronavirin on Wednesday and Thursday.

The health authority says the person’s condition is not critical and the outbreak has been contained.

In the second week, an elderly woman in her 80s, a mother and their two children were reported to be positive for the virus.

Health authorities in the province of Quebec are investigating a woman who tested positive last week for coronas, and are urging anyone with a positive test to get tested.

The outbreak has also been spread through the mail.

The Postmedia team visited Kitteryloc Trading Post and found that the business was not reporting any cases.

In a statement, the health authority said that the company had been in contact with a resident of the town and was monitoring the situation closely.

It is urging residents of Kitterydoc to contact their local health authorities if they suspect someone has been exposed to coronavires, and to contact the post office to obtain a copy of their health records.

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